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MBA Sponsorship Programme


Investec is recognised for attracting talented individuals and creating an environment which enables extraordinary performance. In this environment, we position personal growth, learning opportunities and development as key.

In line with this development philosophy, Investec has embarked on an initiative to afford South Africans the opportunity to pursue an Investec-funded MBA at a leading international business school. Preference will be given to EE candidates.

The aim of the initiative is to invest in the future intellectual capital of the country with a view to having such candidates bring their learnings and innovative ideas back into Investec.

Applicants will have the opportunity to pursue their MBA at one of the following institutions:

Cambridge Judge Business School

Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge, is a world-leader in business education.

For centuries, the university has set the standard for learning around the world, a name recognised in every country as a mould breaker, blazing trails in innovation, science, technology, law and now business. The university continues to create partnerships with many of the world’s leading companies, developing groundbreaking products, innovating processes and providing management expertise. Judge Business School stands at the heart of the university’s relationship with the commercial world; it is where business and academia collide, producing one of the most exciting, challenging and innovative environments in the world to learn about business and management.

Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School invites students in.

Into two years of leadership practice immersed in real-world challenges. Into a diverse community of colleagues and faculty reflecting a world of talents, beliefs, and backgrounds. Into an intense period of personal and professional transformation, that prepares you for challenges in any functional area, anywhere in the world. To experience the HBS MBA is to go inside the issues that matter and to reach inside yourself for the strength, skills, and confidence you will develop to face them. In every case, class, event, and activity, you are asked not only to study leadership, but to demonstrate it. Each day at HBS begins with one question, "What will you do?" Because that is the truest way to prepare you for the larger question that matters most, here and in your career beyond our campus, "What difference will you make in the world?"


Fontainebleau, a 45-minute train journey from Paris, is a traditional centre for shopping, culture and dining. Singapore, Asia’s vibrant commercial and high-tech hub, is prosperous and efficient. What both locations have in common, is a state-of-the-art INSEAD campus.

London Business School

London Business School is a leader in the field of business education. We choose the very best, and make them better.

Our MBA is consistently ranked amongst the best in the world and offers a unique combination of benefits to help you develop the
capabilities and connections you need to succeed in global business today. Join our global classroom for a life changing experience. Be inspired, achieve excellence and make your dream become your future.

Tel Aviv University’s Sofaer International

Our students come from around the globe to live, work and study in Israel, the world’s start-up capital.

The Sofaer experience reflects Israel’s energy, creativity, and pace. Our one- year program combines a curriculum focused on global business, finance, high-tech entrepreneurship with case studies, tours, lectures, consulting, project work and professional networking opportunities with leading Israeli and international businesses and their executives. Designed for creative and motivated students with strong educational backgrounds, significant professional drive and considerable real-world experience, the Sofaer iMBA program cultivates true international business leaders ready to tackle today’s challenges to create tomorrow’s solutions.

Wharton University of Pennsylvania

Wharton was founded in 1881 as the first collegiate business school, and that spirit of innovation still drives us today.

Part of the Ivy League’s University of Pennsylvania, Wharton offers a distinctively collaborative MBA experience,unparalleled resources, and a commitment to learning and personal growth. We bring together the world’s top faculty, students, alumni, and industry leaders in a dynamic and engaged community. This diversity of talent places you at the leading edge of new ideas that shape global practice in the business, non-profit, and government sectors. Wharton is where you come when you aspire to learn more, do more, and be more.

The Opportunity

In order to attract appropriate candidates, Investec will undertake a rigorous interview process to select six talented individuals, and will offer these individuals employment contracts with a work-back clause.

Investec will offer each individual the opportunity to study an MBA at one of six leading international business schools, conditional on the understanding that:

  • The applicant gains acceptance to the preferred MBA programme
  • The applicant will work for Investec South Africa once they have completed the programme
  • The applicant will not be ‘bought out’ by another company on completion of the programme
  • Investec will support individuals with their applications and motivations for acceptance into the preferred MBA programme
  • Investec will cover the full cost of the programme, including tuition, boarding and travel expenses, and will pay the applicant a monthly stipend

The decision to focus on particular institutions is a result of multiple factors, including sound reputation of both the institution and its particular MBA offering, international outlook, global exposure, calibre of alumni, progressive philosophy and approach towards learning, and organisational alignment with Investec’s culture and values.